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I met GCM's VP at a career fair in Colorado and set an appointment to meet her again in Denver. Before our first meeting started, the VP asked me for another copy of my resume because she misplaced the resume I gave her at the career fair (RED FLAG #1) Luckily I brought extra copies of my resume with me. At the first meeting, she explained what they do and asked me a lot of questions about myself. She said their goals are to help candidates get positions faster and help candidates manage their careers. Before we wrapped up, she asked me to do a list of intangible qualities I look for in a company like do I want to work in a professional environment, do I want to have variable tasks etc…and email it to her. She also told me that I can bring in a parent to discuss the costs in our next meeting.

At my second meeting, their receptionist told us that the VP came in late and was still in her earlier meeting. After we waited 15 minutes after our schedule time, the VP never apologized (RED FLAG #2). After the formal introductions, the VP asked me for another resume because she didn't want to bother getting my resume in her office (RED FLAG #3).She reiterated to my parent what GCM is about. The first meeting was pretty much the same as the second meeting except the costs was discussed. I was disappointed she did not discuss my intangible qualities list in greater detail nor did she connect my ideas to the specific processes they would do to help. I was expecting a carefully thought out presentation but got the same information I got in the first meeting. It seems like she made me do busy work to make it seem like its legit. I doubt she read my email. She also explains how GCM empowers individuals by letting them send in resumes, cover letters, and make phone calls to companies. GCM, she explained, is invisible to companies because they want companies to see how the individual is supposedly doing all the work. Since GCM is invisible to the employers and their clients are individuals not companies, they do not have special business connections that could help you get in touch with HR departments.

I asked how much it would cost and she told me that there are two programs I can choose from. The first program is a 3 month program that cost $3,000 and the second program is a one year program which cost $6,200. I could only get an $800 discount from the one year program but I would have to pay the entire $5,400 upfront or pay half now and half one month later. They also have a schedule payment plan but their interest rate is 16%. If you decided to pay for the $5,400 one year program, you would only meet one hour per week for 54 weeks. If you do the math, they would be charging you $100 per hour for things you already learned in college like writing resumes, cover letters, and practicing mock interviews. Furthermore, a majority of the contact with these consultants isn't through meetings, it's through emails and phone calls. After you have completed your one year program, you can get more help from GCM but they will start charging you $200 plus by the hour. I know this because I asked! We thanked the VP and her receptionist for their hospitality.

I will not tell you to choose GCM or not, the ultimate choice is up to you. If you have thousands of dollars in disposable income then you can try GCM if you truly believe you really need the extra help. My impression with GCM is that they know what they are doing as far as covering the basics but they charge an obscure amount of money. In my opinion, the $800 discount is just to entice people to think they are getting a deal when in reality, they are not. GCM has exceedingly marked up the fair market value of these types of services. It's like selling a hamburger that cost $1 to make and sell it at $10 but tell potential customers that you can get a dollar discount if you pay off the entire payment as soon as possible. If you really want career advice and consulting, I suggest you tap into your network of friends, family, and professional acquaintances. Use social networking online, find free online resources, and go to professional events where they offer free resume writing tips. I could still get free career counseling at my old university.

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